14 April 2014


These are the views looking left and right from the Griffith Observatory lawn.  I love the pre-rain clouds, the sunlight, the hills, and the Hollywood Sign.  

This was a great day.  Before we visited the Griffith Observatory this day, we hiked to the base of the Hollywood Sign.  It was a first for me, which is crazy since I grew up in Southern California.  It started out the clearest sky ever and slowly as the afternoon rolled on the clouds rolled in about two hours before sunset.  


. peace .

11 April 2014


I didn't post over spring break or while we had company from out of town so I am playing catch up once again.  That's the nice thing about posting on my own blog...my rules.

Griffith Observatory is a pretty stellar place (you'll have to pardon my pun).  ;)  If you live in Southern California it is a must see and if you live out of the area but ever plan to visit, do yourself a huge favor and put it on your list.  It's 1) right outside Los Feliz, which is a pretty sweet little neighborhood with lots of great restaurants,  2) intermingled with Griffith Park, which has family friendly stuff to do like lots of playgrounds, a carousel, horseback riding, a golf course, a train to ride, and the L.A. Zoo, and 3) you can see the Hollywood Sign from the Observatory.  Huge plus, especially if you get lucky with some dramatic clouds in the sky.

Here is a shot of my girls at the Astronomers Monument.

Just look at that sky!

. peace .

10 April 2014


Spring break was a lot of fun.  The girls' cousin came to visit from Texas and we packed a lot into his week-long visit.

There was bowling, going to the beach + surfing, hiking to the Hollywood sign, Griffith Observatory, riding the Ferris Wheel + indulging in some ice cream on the Santa Monica Pier, and eating like starving artists at our friend (+ Piper's Godfather's) AMAZING bar and restaurant in Santa Monica (The Craftsman Bar and Kitchen).  It was an awesome, busy week.

This was my favorite capture by far:

. peace .

20 March 2014


Through boards of the gate I caught Fin watching her sister climb a tree.  Fin tried and tried but couldn't get as high up in that tree as the bigger girls.  Sometimes, as a parent, it makes me sad to see her attempt something and fail but I'd rather she keep trying than me hand her the success.  That does no one any good.

Besides, about two seconds after this photo was captured she tried climbing one more time and then ran off to hang upside down from the swing set!  She recovers quickly.  :)

. peace .

18 March 2014


This is our old lady, Mama Turtle.  With our crazy eighty-degree "winter" weather in Southern California, she emerged from hibernation on Saturday.  She can't resist laying in the hot sun so the time for snoozing has passed.

Mama has been a part of my life since I was five years old.  The previous owners of my childhood home had her and Papa Turtle (who sadly passed away this past fall) living in the backyard.  They did not want to remove the tortoises from their home environment if at all possible.  Our family agreed to care for them when we bought the house in 1979 and we inherited Mama and Papa.

She is very much a part of our family.  During her active months when she sees us outside she picks up and walks right over to us.  She is so much more social than I would ever imagine a tortoise to be (Papa was very much the same).

Our vet had a hard time pinpointing the tortoises' exact ages but we estimate that Mama is somewhere between 40 and 55 years old, quite possibly older.  While we make sure there are plenty of healthy greens, veggies, and water for her in the yard, us girls have to be aware because our painted toenails look like tasty flowers to her!  I've had my finger accidentally chomped before and it is PAINFUL.

Spring is officially only a couple of days away so I expect that Mama Turtle is awake for good.

Happy summer...I mean SPRING.  :)

. peace .