04 August 2011

it matters little

"It matters little what you did if you did not enjoy the journey."  {me}

. . . 

Not so long ago I was doing a ton of thinking and random writing and came up with the idea/quote/phrase you see above.  A mantra, really.  I am sure this same idea has been quoted a million different ways by individuals much more famous than I, but it came to MY mind during a time I needed it the most.  I whisper it to myself when I start getting overwhelmed, angry, unhinged, bitchy, or start taking this all too seriously.  It works some of the time and I'm working on those other times that is hasn't worked.

. . .

I've been beating myself up for not blogging more.  I enjoy blogging but I find it hard to do regularly when summer vacation is upon us.  After all, I only get 18 summers with each of my girls and that is not many in the grand scheme of things.  I don't want my daughters remembering their summers being full of mommy was too busy doing other things and that they sat on their asses watching t.v.  I feel like as a mom who works freelance and is home a lot more than away, I owe it to them to do things as a family.  

Before and since we went on our vacation visiting our families in Arizona and Florida, I haven't had time to think straight.  I've barely had time to load all the vacation images to the iMac from the cards and external HD.  I feel like I have let the craziness of life get the better of me and that is not who I want to be.  I am working on finding peace and solace in the chaos.  Time to return to yoga and meditation.  I am going to work on saying no to outside influences that pull my focus from what is TRULY important to me.  I don't have to say yes to everything asked of me.  {So don't get offended if I say no!}  ;)

Call this my mid-year resolution, only it is a life resolution.  I don't want to be a frazzled, frenzied person.  Not cool.  My husband helps balance me when it comes to parenting.  Most often we are the yin to the other's yang.  

I'm exploding with creative ideas right now and I am trying to remain calm so I can get them all on paper and actually execute! :)  I may not have the time today or tomorrow but if I can get them on paper I will be able to squeeze some time in here and there.  

School starts August 15 and for at least one hour every day Mon-Fri I'm going to make time to CREATE.  I promise me.

May you find and know what matters the most in your life...and ENJOY it.

**Er, correction: sEebastian, florida  :)

. peace .

p.s. lots and lots of iPhone/instagram photos in this post.  I've not had time to sort through any others at this point.