16 January 2012

Hello, Organization

In February I am attending a photography convention in Las Vegas.  I've never been to this particular convention but I know there will be a lot of introductions and with it being a business trip, a lot of business expenses.  I am looking for a way to stay simplified and organized before my feet even land on Vegas soil...so I am trying the following two apps.  I am a terrible reviewer, terrible, but I wanted to give you a very quick overview of them and maybe you will figure out if you want to try them for yourself.  If this doesn't help, read the reviews on iTunes! :)

Evernote Hello (free)

This app allows you (or the person you just met) to create a profile of the people you meet on your phone.  Photo, name, info, notes regarding the person, relationship, how you met, etc.  Forget business cards that get lost or thrown away (although I will still be taking those archaic things too).

Expensify (the free version)

An app that allows you to track your business expenses quickly and easily with your phone.  You can scan your receipts and if you choose, it can create an expense report for you (but I think you have to pay for the version that does that).



  1. Good luck! I have been using the notes section of my Google contacts for info on people I meet, etc. and just input all of their information there. Business cards I keep until all of the information is stored and then I pay-it-forward and pass them on like a reference. Because what goes around comes around!

  2. That is a great idea to pass along the business cards when you are done. I'm going to do that from now on. I am an avid Evernote user so when I saw the Hello app I figured it was a worth a go. ...And I agree, what goes around comes around. :)