12 March 2012

Weekend Wrap-Up : Playing + Baking

The darkness held me down and made my bed covers feel warmer than they have in forever.  Six forty-five in the morning used to be sunny and all bird-chirpy....but then, Daylight Savings began on Sunday.  So I would really love to say Happy Monday, but it ain't gonna happen today.  Give me a few days to get used to the dark mornings and then we may have that conversation.  

I whine, but I really love Daylight Savings because it reminds me that summer is coming and I love later sunsets.  My kids always have a hard time understanding why their bedtime is happening when it is still light out.

My oldest has a minimum day schedule all week due to teacher conferences so I plan on getting next to nothing done! I will have a few hours to work every morning and this will be a good test of my efficiency.  Making sure I stay productive and not just BUSY.  You know how that goes, right?  That is a big challenge for me.

Here are a few iPhone shots of the goings on of my weekend.  On Sunday I had the cutest little Engagement Session and I will post those when they are edited in a few days.

L to R: 
I'm dreaming of summer 
At the girls' gymnastics 
Bug had a playdate at one of those LOUD kid places 
My beautiful Bug waiting for her playdate friend

L to R:
Bug crashed out after her playdate 
Bug's cupcakes that she made from measuring ingredients to frosting like a pro 
Joe's homemade cinnamon rolls (a family recipe that I cannot share :)
Munch's new favorite breakfast request...waffles with bananas

Hope you had a great weekend.

. peace .

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